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By: Steve | June 04, 2014

Time to do a review of  your environment and perform a bit of "security housekeeping."

  • Reset all default passwords, including networked peripherals that are often left with a default password like "admin."
  • Remove all unnecessary applications.
  • Close all unnecessary network communication ports.
  • Delete any accounts that are no longer used. 
  • Review any other methods you may have in your environment to further secure all network-attached devices - don't forget about things like IP security cameras or other specialized equipment like diagnostic devices in healthcare.  If it is connected to your network, there is a conceivable way that a cyber-thief can hack their way in and find their way to your data.  
This well done a...

By: Steve | May 16, 2014

Sorry about this, but you can consider this the "duh" step... Employ Strong Password Practices - so easy to say, so challenging to do for ourselves and to enforce with staff.

Common Sense Password Reminders

  • Be sure to publish your password policies for your team. To help ensure compliance, have them sign-off that they have read and will comply.
  • Everyone should have a unique username and password - no sharing!
Password Manager

  • Passwords are never written down, displayed or stored electronically* (unless encrypted) or revealed to others.
  • Passwords should be easy for the creator to remember, but strong, i.e. at least 8 characters in length, include a combination of upper and lower case letters, at least one number and at least one special character. By the way,...