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By: Steve | February 05, 2015

Golden Laptop

A $250,000 fine has been paid to the Department of Health and Human Services for the breach of 148 patients' data when a laptop was stolen from the vehicle of a QCA Health Plan of Arkansas employee. The laptop was not encrypted.

"Covered entities and business associates must understand that mobile device security is their obligation. Our message (with this large fine) is simple: encryption is your best defense against these incidents," said Susan McAndrew, Office for Civil Rights deputy director of health information privacy. 

Chances are, your laptop or tablet often goes where you go, carrying Practice data and patient record information from office to vehicle to home and back again. Throw in a side trip to the grocery store, ...

By: Steve | August 15, 2014

Good Security Habits for Mobile Devices


The good news about our smart phone society is that those convenient little devices are just so very powerful! All those awesome games and apps! And the ease of communication and collaboration, whether it be by phone, text or video!