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By: Steve | June 25, 2015

JDL HealthTech  

NOTE:  This is a reprint from a recent Press Release.  At my current firm, JDL Technologies, we have exercised strong relationships with our technology partners and have also minimized our own financial margins in an effort to make HIPAA compliance easier and more manageable for the smaller Practices we serve.   

By: Steve | May 18, 2015


Everyone has a role to play in the privacy and security of electronic health information — it is truly a shared responsibility. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) provides resources to help you succeed in your privacy and security responsibilities. This Guide to Privacy and Security of Electronic Health Information (referred to as “Guide”) is an example of just such a tool.

The intent of the Guide is to help health care providers ― especially Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Covered Entities (CEs) and Medicare Eligible Professionals (EPs) from smaller organizations ― better understand how to integrate federal health information privacy and security requirements into thei...

By: Steve | April 02, 2015


Now, that would be a great tune - a bit catchy, don't you think? Yes, rather silly and, as we know, with the size of the fines being handed out for "willful neglect," enabling and maintaining compliance is a serious matter.


HIPAA compliance is not easy.  If it was, every healthcare provider would be fully compliant, and many continue to struggle with understanding exactly what needs to be done.  No-one wants to deal with the coming pain as the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights amps up its enforcement audits.

If you are a healthcare provider with a desire to efficiently, effectively and inexpensively work through your compliance program, I have a prescription for you!  


The first step is to receiv...