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By: Steve | May 29, 2014

I am taking a brief break from the Simplified Data Security series of blog posts to give a nod to our upcoming Hurricane Season that officially starts on June 1st here in the Southeastern USA. I want to offer a couple, simple tips beyond the obvious ones you always hear, i.e. "have a tested recovery plan" and "back up your data." You want to ensure you are ready in the event of any unforeseen technology "inconvenience."

Have an Action Notification Plan

If you and your team are tethered to an office, what is the plan if you have to "mobilize?" Where will you go and how will you get there? If this includes a fair amount of distance, are you accommodating your team members' family and pets?  If you don't, they won't go!

If you ar...

By: Steve | April 25, 2014

Every business, no matter how large or small and regardless of industry, must give some measure of consideration to Disaster Recovery Planning. Larger entities have "DR Project Mangers" or even entire Departments dedicated to developing and keeping DR plans up to date, testing backup and recovery scenarios and ensuring, regardless of the nature of an incident, that the business is recoverable.

Now, there are also some that choose, often indirectly, by having too much to do or by keeping DR needs as a low priority, to do little or nothing. You would be surprised by the lack of sophistication or lack of interest in Recovery Planning that I have seen in some fairly large organizations - and a few are household names!

Regardless of where you are...