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By: Steve | April 11, 2016


Every business, no matter how large or small and regardless of industry, must give some measure of consideration to Disaster Recovery Planning. Larger entities have "DR Project Mangers" or even entire Departments dedicated to developing and keeping DR plans up to date.  Their duties include testing backup and recovery scenarios and ensuring, regardless of the nature of an incident, that the business is recoverable according to their objectives.


However, there are also some that choose, often indirectly, by either having too much to do or by keeping DR needs as a low priority, to do little or nothing. You would be surprised by the lack of sophistication or lack of interest in Recovery Planning that I have seen in some fairly large organizations (perhaps also afflicted by the “it can never happen to us” mentality).


I have seen some organizations lately that seem to be taking a lackadaisical approach to DR planning because, “All our apps are in the cloud!”  Experienced IT pros have gotten more comfortable with data security in the cloud and cloud adoption rates for core business applications continue to rise. 


As a strong proponent of the business value of cloud computing, I see these rising adoption rates as an outstanding trend.  And the industry is certainly agreeing.  Placing your “processing utility” in a large commercial, highly secure and sophisticated data center gives you benefits you could not otherwise receive on your own without extreme cost.  These implementations also offer multiple backup scenarios which can include geographically dispersed data centers.  Awesome!

Please Don’t Forget Your Single Point of Failure – Your Internet Connection!

Unless you have a highly mobile workforce, you are susceptible to the availability and performance of your single internet provider.  I have seen this time and time again.  Current outages or performance impacts are rare, so when things have been running well for an extended time period, it's hard to justify the project and the expense of a stand-by circuit.  


However, if you have ever experienced the pain of just one major outage, you know what I am talking about.


Your business is dependent upon the internet.  Install a backup circuit from a secondary provider!


I talked with a healthcare provider recently that drove this point home. This four office specialty practice, made up of twelve doctors and all the associated nursing and support staff, recently experienced a Wide Area Network outage between their offices such that their three satellite offices could not communicate back to their main office and they had no internet connectivity.


They use a cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, so all four offices could not access client records for about 3/4 of an entire day - thus bringing the entire Practice to a virtual standstill. 


It was finally discovered that, in addition to an internet outage at their main office, their Network Carrier's router had malfunctioned, also disabling all the other sites from being online.  One of the physician-owners lamented to me that this issue literally cost them several thousand dollars by having to reschedule all the affected patients.  Not to mention the potential impact to patient loyalty and satisfaction that is impossible to measure.


That organization is now considering a secondary Carrier with the appropriately engineered routing and switching equipment that will enable automatic fail-over to the secondary circuit in the event of a network outage or equipment failure.


As a business owner or stake-holder, understand that you are making an investment in "internet insurance" to make your applications access more bulletproof and assure all the advantages you already have by being in the cloud. 


Also keep in mind, no amount of Business Interruption Insurance can help you revive your business reputation if your patients or clients and partners lose faith in you, so please also consider the intangibles. 


How do you stay “cloud app happy?”  Add an adequately engineered redundant internet circuit from a secondary provider.


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