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By: Steve | June 25, 2015

JDL HealthTech  

NOTE:  This is a reprint from a recent Press Release.  At my current firm, JDL Technologies, we have exercised strong relationships with our technology partners and have also minimized our own financial margins in an effort to make HIPAA compliance easier and more manageable for the smaller Practices we serve.   

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. / GlobeNewswire – JDL HealthTech, a division of JDL Technologies and an industry leader in HIPAA-compliant IT services, today introduced its newest HIPAA compliance service, HIPAA Security Essentials. Designed specifically to help the 1-3 provider practice, HIPAA Security Essentials revolutionizes HIPAA compliance and ePHI security for the smaller healthcare provider in terms of both range of services and affordability.

The foundation of HIPAA Security Essentials is a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, required on a regular basis by the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA Security Essentials provides holistic systems management as an overlay to an enhanced client network protected by commercial-grade firewall, domain controller and wireless access point, enabling robust security not found in the residential products typically used by 1-3 provider practices.

This configuration ensures that the practice’s network, workstations and Internet access are finally secure and HIPAA compliant.  HIPAA Security Essentials includes intrusion detection and prevention, web content filtering and full-disk encryption. The new compliance service also provides an upgrade to commercial-class email service, replacing the less secure residential-grade email systems used by most 1-3 provider practices.

HIPAA Security Essentials is delivered as a service that JDL manages for the healthcare practice, including 24/7 user support and related engineering services provided through the JDL TechWatch Managed Services Operations Center.  JDL Technologies is a leading Managed Services Provider, and was recently named to the 2015 Elite 150 Managed Service Providers in North America.

“HIPAA Security Essentials protects the 1-3 provider practice from a wide range of security risks and vulnerabilities, and ensures a strong foundation of HIPAA compliance,” said Steve Latos, Director of Sales for JDL HealthTech. “In addition, HIPAA Security Essentials frees the small practice from upfront capital investments typically associated with achieving full HIPAA compliance. We deliberately designed HIPAA Security Essentials to be extremely affordable for the 1-3 provider practice.”


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