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By: Steve | March 03, 2016


Businesses today are managing IT infrastructure as never before. Business leaders want to focus on their core business as much as possible, without the distractions of IT challenges and disruptions.   The IT “utility,” tools and enablers just need to work!


Implementations are more varied than ever and include variations of on premise, off premise and hybrid implementations with small to large doses of Cloud mixed in, often without direct oversight of the IT Department.  


Through the use of colocation, third-party managed hosting, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Cloud, business leaders are voting with their dollars to say, “Make it work, keep it secure, don’t distract me and, by the way, if I can save some money, all the better!”


So, whose responsibility is this?   “Make it work, keep it secure…”


If you are a CIO or an IT Pro, you know the answer.   It doesn’t matter how many other providers you work with, who they are or the way in which you have your infrastructure and systems architected, this MANDATE falls to you!


When you “fire” a provider, it is business.   If you lose your job, it is very personal. It affects you, your family and everyone who cares about you.   So, of course, you choose your partners very carefully.   And, you also stay diligent in ensuring the infrastructure you utilize is as bulletproof as possible.

RPE Power Systems Security & Health Check

I was reminded of all this in a recent meeting with my team at RPE. George, our Operations Director, was overviewing his concern for one of our clients based upon discoveries recently made during a Systems Security & Health Check we had just completed with their on premise Servers.  


To maintain confidentiality and avoid embarrassment for them, I won’t go into details, but, suffice it to say, the discoveries identified clearly show them as vulnerable to significant security and downtime threats. Having a close working relationship with their CIO and her team, a project plan was immediately created and everyone is working to resolve.

How It Works

We serve many clients with IBM Power Systems in all flavors, new and old, i.e. AS/400, iSeries, System i, pSeries and System p.


The Power Systems Security & Health Check can be performed over just a few hours and includes a brief interview with the appropriate IT leader(s) as well as secure system access to gather critical system information.   A concise report is repaired and is color coded to clearly identify vulnerabilities for review and appropriate action.  


Even when IT operations seem to be running relatively smoothly, a Systems Security & Health Check will identify critical, or soon to be critical, performance and configuration issues, will discover any out of date or missed systems maintenance aspects that may put you at risk and will measure your system security and backup and recovery standards against best practices.

Take Action Now

As I was reminded in our recent meeting, IT leaders are dealing with more environmental variables than ever before.   It is more prudent than ever to assure systems health and security so, if you’re a Power Systems user and would like a no cost, no obligation Systems Security & Health Check, just let us know.

About RPE Cloud

RPE is a leading IT consulting company offering strategic, functional and technical expertise. Cloud services include hosting and managed services, backup and recovery and high availability (HA) at SSAE 16 Type II compliant Data Centers meeting the highest standards of security. RPE specializes in IBM Power Systems and IBM i, AIX, UNIX and Microsoft operating environments and is an IBM and Lenovo business partner for hardware sourcing. RPE has the infrastructure, knowledge, security credentials and experience in cloud services and solutions to meet your business needs.

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