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By: Steve | June 27, 2016


Game of Thrones fans will certainly be talking about this season’s finale for days to come and will be desperate for more during the long wait for the new season.

According to HBO, the original series, with so many great characters and story lines, is now the network’s most popular offering of all time.  If you aren’t familiar, one of the most popular and interesting characters on the show is Daenerys Targaryen.

"I am Daenerys Stormborn, of House Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the Rhoynar and the First Men. I am the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, and Breaker of Chains. The Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen."

Interesting introduction or “proclamation” is probably a better way to describe it. Dany provides two important leadership reminders any time she gives one of the many renditions of her intro:

1)  Remember where you came from.

2)  Know who you are now.

Remembering who you were as you were starting out in life is a reminder to stay grounded. It is less about lineage and more about never forgetting where you have come from.  For those with a humble start, it’s a wonderful grounding memory to consider the road traveled.  For those with a privileged start, you might consider how you leveraged your situation to further enable your path. And, starts that include winding roads with roller coaster-sized ups and downs are great for reminding you who you were as you started.

It was all part of the plan for your life and helps to make you who you are today. Slow down and remember often.

Know who you are now.  Introspection?  Who has time for that?  You should.  You have a lot of value.  You bring a lot to the table.  Can you verbalize it?  In sales, we talk about value propositions a lot.  What is your personal value proposition today?  And, it’s not just about business, it’s personal too.  It’s about family and community. It’s about you as a parent, brother or sister, son or daughter.

Take Dany’s lead.  Translate her bold proclamation into a reminder to stay grounded and also know how important you are today and the value you provide.  Grounded people are trusted, transparent and get the job done.  You’re not spinning, thrashing or motivated by your own realm of internal politics.  Makes you sound like a real, authentic leader, doesn’t it?

Strength of identity is especially important when you walk through the fire - stay strong and emerge “Unbernt!”

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