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By: Steve | October 23, 2015


The cloud computing model has proven to be a great price performer, given its utility-based, “pay by the drink” economic approach.   You reduce operational costs overall and also continue to see savings with smooth pricing increases, only as you need increased capacity, and decreases, should less compute and storage be suddenly required.


Another key benefit is your ability to now focus your IT team on your strategic needs, since your cloud provider is now handling system upgrades, maintenance and support.


This economic model enables businesses of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of more current technology more often.   The typical hardware refresh rate for cloud providers is 3-4 years. You may well have some gear you are using right now that is double that age.

Why is cloud adoption continuing to increase?  Doesn’t everyone enjoy the benefits of a “good deal?”  Pay less and get more – great fun!

Quick Deployment

For business leaders looking to gain a market advantage through technology, you cannot beat the fast deployment that is often made available through the cloud model.  

Rather than 30-90 days, or more, to get a key application up and running, your cloud platform can be available to you in a matter of minutes, hours or just a few days.

The Security Question (Again)

Unless you are a Fortune 50 company and have your own purpose-built data centers, I can guarantee that, by going into a strong commercial cloud providers’ enterprise-level data center, you will be receiving the benefit of a higher level of security than you currently have - and security that is equivalent (or better still) than those Fortune 50 big data center spenders.


Think about it, you are in the _____________ (fill in the blank) business and are very competent and have valuable expertise in your “major.”   Cloud providers, to a great degree, are in the data center business and likely, know and can implement data center security better than you.  


Just as one example, the typical RPE data center has five levels of physical security that must be passed before gaining access to any physical equipment – and really, no one even needs to be there other than the provider’s data center personnel anyway.


All said, please keep in mind that the vast majority of security issues are not cloud architecture or data center-specific, but data management and people-related.   You must still choose your provider prudently, asking the right security, procedure and policies questions.


It is interesting to note that more than 50% of IT professionals now cite security as a top reason for moving applications to the cloud.


At the end of the day, how long would a cloud provider be in business with ineffective or porous security?   Bad news travels fast and the market would know and respond accordingly!

Look Up – You Are Already There!

By “you” I mean your business via your employees’ behavior.   You may be surprised to discover how many on your team are already using a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.  And, quite frankly, isn’t it better to know how your users are accessing their data and where all your corporate data resides?


You want to maintain the necessary control over confidential business information and they want freedom and flexibility – you take them to the cloud and enable them!

And There is More

The cloud will enable productivity gains from your compute utility AS WELL AS your people!   More on this in a future post...


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