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By: Steve | October 09, 2015


According to recent surveys, more than 70 percent of businesses are using “cloud computing” platforms in some fashion. Common uses are convenient and value-priced cloud storage like Dropbox and Box, cloud email solutions such as Gmail for Business or Office 365 and automated desktop backup solutions like Mozy and Carbonite. General business applications have also come into common use. Most notable are CRM systems (Salesforce and many others) and HR/Payroll/Accounting systems (QuickBooks, Workday, ADP).

Nervous about Security?

An element that is common among all applications delivered via the cloud is VALUE.   You receive the benefit of great applications and capability at a very reasonable price.   Factor in easy scalability and a model where you “pay by the drink” and it is easy to understand why projections for the cloud market are booming.


The key element that keeps many organizations from seriously considering moving to a cloud solution is a perceived lack of security (off my premise = not well secured) compared to traditional IT delivery methods. This is generally false.   Combine a cloud provider’s administration, management and security policies with enterprise-grade, highly redundant data canter infrastructure and your data is more secure and more highly available than you would want to fund to provide internally.


The point of instruction here is to have a specific security conversation with your cloud provider to understand exactly how your data is protected and backed-up, both systematically and from an infrastructure perspective. You should come away with the understanding that your provider is doing more, providing more and enabling more than you have in your current internal environment.

Making the Cloud Move!

As you well know, as your infrastructure ages, you need to do a cost-benefit analysis of integrating new solutions to effectively determine the best next step for your business. At RPE Cloud Solutions, we often work with business owners during this up front process to ensure you are not underestimating a next step that involves cloud (like not factoring in the right amount of secure internet bandwidth to ensure good performance).   We are also happy to have those detailed security discussions and educate you on the security differences between your business-class environment and our audited, industry compliant commercial data centers.

Who Maintains the IT?

One of the major advantages of moving your organization’s computing resources to the cloud is that management and maintenance is no longer your responsibility. A top cloud provider, like RPE, becomes an extension of your staff.   For example, not only are we doing proactive maintenance on your systems so you see fewer problems, but our team is physically monitoring your environment 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


Your IT staff will be able to stop putting out those daily maintenance and general management fires and can focus on the key strategic projects that will propel your business forward.

Why Wait?

Being motivated to make a change due to aging infrastructure is an obvious time for cloud analysis and consideration.   As an alternative initial step, you can still receive many of the maintenance, management and security benefits by enabling RPE to manage your on premise environment until the right time to move. Contact us for a System Health Check and to help you with your customized cloud migration plan.   

Get out of the IT business – IT provides tools to conduct your business; you should be using your IT as the utility it truly is, not being distracted or overcome by the associated management issues!


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