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By: Steve | December 31, 2015


I don't mean to ignore Siri, but we're not close. In spite of my lack of attention, I have had some occasional curiosities about how she might be able to help me.  You know… those thoughts that hit your mind so occasionally that you rarely take action because they are, for the most part, trivial and random. 

Unless you are good friends with Siri, the odds are good that you've had some similar thoughts.

Why the Siri mind flashes?

  1. I am in the “cloud business.” Having spent the majority of my career representing data center and managed IT services companies to the business and IT market (currently with RPE Cloud), it makes me wonder how Siri is constructed. Does she fully reside on my phone? How much of her resides in the Apple cloud? I know she gets many answers via the internet, i.e. cloud services, but just how “schizophrenic” is she? I should know more about this cloud girl.

  2. I have this “tool” I almost never use. I barely know Siri, so I guess I am feeling some i-guilt. I have been an iPhone user ever since she got her start, but very rarely invoke her services. What have I been missing?

  3. I hear about all these clever answers that Apple has programmed into her but how will she respond to me? Do clever answers require clever questions? Or, is Siri just a sassy, intriguing lady that is full of fun and I am missing it?

  4. Siri connected with me on twitter (@SteveLatos). I don’t know where she came from or how she might have bumped into me, but I received a notification that Susan Bennett (@SeriouslySusan), the American voice of Siri, was now following me. This has gotten personal. Now she needs to help me a lot more.

  5. First, needing to solve the nerdy question of how Siri works, I asked her: “Siri, how do you work?” And she responded with a litany of other questions I can ask for which she can provide assistance. She didn’t quite understand my question. I then tried, “How does Siri work?” and she responded with this:

Siri 0 

Thank you, mystery girl.

I conducted my own bit of research and found a good, comprehensive article for those that may also want to dig into the "how does she work?" question.

BTW, if you invoke her and ask nothing, she will offer up some examples of the types of things you can ask of her.

I decided to go into the new year by reaching out to Siri more often and to try to take better advantage of this awesome advanced voice recognition technology from Apple. 

Here are a few random highlights of our interaction so far:

Siri 1 

I asked her how to spell “encephalitis” and she understood, verbally spelled it out and did a glorious job – thank you Siri.

Siri 2 

Siri 3 

Siri 4 

Siri 5 

And so it goes. 

Since she seems to generally rely so heavily on delivering websites for me to read, I think I’ll just stick to having Siri help out with hands-free activities like getting directions and responding to the occasional text or email.

Siri 6 


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