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By: Steve | February 05, 2016

Jimmy Page

In the entirety of my career, which is now longer than I like to admit or care to remember, I have probably worked out of a conventional office about 1/3 of the time – and much of that was in the early days.  Even then, while “office-ing,” I worked hard to spend most of my time with clients and prospects.  


I guess as a long-term results-oriented technology services seller, it came natural and probably an obsession to be out focusing on sales results.  No interest in water cooler talk, what the next football pool might look like or, as a married man, office romance. Managing other sellers changed that slightly to include understanding and “enabling” them for success.  But, it was still natural to focus on “sell-through” results.  And, in...

By: Steve | December 31, 2015


I don't mean to ignore Siri, but we're not close. In spite of my lack of attention, I have had some occasional curiosities about how she might be able to help me.  You know… those thoughts that hit your mind so occasionally that you rarely take action because they are, for the most part, trivial and random. 

Unless you are good friends with Siri, the odds are good that you've had some similar thoughts.

Why the Siri mind flashes?

  1. I am in the “cloud business.” Having spent the majority of my career representing data center and managed IT services companies to the business and IT market (currently with RPE Cloud), it makes me wonder how Siri is constructed. Does she fully reside on my phone? How much of her resides in the Apple cloud? I know she...

By: Steve | October 09, 2015


According to recent surveys, more than 70 percent of businesses are using “cloud computing” platforms in some fashion. Common uses are convenient and value-priced cloud storage like Dropbox and Box, cloud email solutions such as Gmail for Business or Office 365 and automated desktop backup solutions like Mozy and Carbonite. General business applications have also come into common use. Most notable are CRM systems (Salesforce and many others) and HR/Payroll/Accounting systems (QuickBooks, Workday, ADP).

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